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We are Country. Cosy. Calming yet Invigorating. Bountiful. Fascinating. Comfortable. Eclectic.

we are david & max

The Julu Guest House partnership is based on an intercultural relationship in South Africa of over 28 years, and it certainly has been a fascinating one. As a result, in accordance with the Amended Tourism B-BBEE Sector Code, gazetted in November 2015, and the Code is binding on all enterprises operating in the Tourism Sector, Julu Guest House sits at 51% Black ownership, and 51% Black women ownership.

The one partner, a “messy Cancerian”, and the other, a “fanatical Virgo”, live with their two much loved cats at Julu Guest House. The one, having been brought up in a small rural Zulu village, and the other, in a “typical Capetonian southern suburbs wasp style” environment with the demeanour of a SACS boy.

Max and Dave founded Julu Guest House in the Riebeek Valley, after moving there in May 2021. What is most profound about this region, is that it is the town where both Smuts and Malan were born, on the outskirts of the neighbouring Riebeek West. Both these men later became prime ministers of Apartheid South Africa.

Julu Guest House welcomes the coming together of people of different ethnicities, different experiences, and from all across the globe. Even the food that is served, with the local organic and free range produce, is a result of the blending of cultures from the Riebeek Valley surrounds.

The couple enjoy diversity, and learning from those that they welcome into their space. Max is a children’s book Author and a “wannabe cook”, and Dave a professional and passionate Photographer with an eye for all things beautiful, awaiting your visit!

“We align ourselves for the greater good of animals (RAW) and to the up and coming talented performers who strive to grow through the community For Life Centre“. When David and Max are not planning their next travel destination, they can be found playing with their two loving cats at their home in the Riebeek Valley.

“We just love people, and enjoy listening to their incredible stories in an open house/intimate environment. Riebeek Kasteel is our paradise”… so much so that we provide a photographic getaway package for those interested in capturing a country side immersive experience. 

We have become not a melting pot but a beautiful mosaic. Different people, different beliefs, different yearnings, different hopes, different dreams