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Riebeek Valley, what’s the Buzz  

Why do bloggers usually write about “the best things to do” in a specific town or city? It’s purely because we are trying to tap into your travelling motivators, in order to evaluate what really rings true to you, which will make you get off that couch and fire you to places which will move you.

Perhaps you might be that person who feels like you’re stuck in a rut in your daily life, and you might want to challenge yourself for that great adventure! Others will go to an undiscovered gem like the Riebeek Valley, to experience that mammoth escape into the country, just a mere 80 kilometres away from Cape Town.

The Riebeek Valley has that slower more relaxed pace, and when one returns to one’s job, one is able to look at projects with a fresher perspective. Relaxing and rejuvenating and being present is what might be that vital travelling motivator for you.

The Riebeek Valley locals have a wealth of information and stories to share, while you explore this magical town, learning more than you would from any guidebook! You will be surprised at how friendly our people are when they find out you are visiting their town.

The residents love to share information as to where the best locations are found for hiking, or who makes the perfect dish. Maybe you will find out some history or urban legends about the town that you didn’t know before.

We have the “best motivators” to come to the Riebeek Valley –  We are known as the “Arts Town” – incorporating everything that we do creatively under our umbrella – celebrating the Art of Wine, Food, Painting, Photography, Pottery, Sculpture, Poetry, Music, Literature and Dance.

 Cultural Opportunities

The “Arts Town” way of life is prized by all residents who live in the Riebeek Valley. We are not simply talking about art museums and galleries with famous artists. There are also opportunities which are driven by local artists and these are guided by galleries such as RVT Gallery on Plein.  

The annual @Solostudios in August, draws area artists and visitors for a three day extravaganza filled with outstanding art, live music, exquisite food and so much more. The creative aspect of the Valley and it’s people makes it ideal for people who enjoy painting, sculpting, good food and photography. Many art collaborations offer workshops where participants can explore different mediums with fellow artists. For live theatre, the Royal Arts Town Amphitheatre, (RATA) offers a rich tapestry of music, dance, comedy and drama.

There’s plenty of live music in the many restaurants in town. Riebeek Valley is a place for music lovers, as people can experience some of their local favourite bands in a casual atmosphere. This is a place where residences get to mingle with people who share similar tastes in music, sparking up conversations about new tracks and old classics over a glass of wine or three. 

Good Restaurants

At our last count, the Riebeek Valley boasted over twenty restaurants and a fair number of them are “the cheerleaders” for local, home-grown produce. You’ll find fresh-from-the-patch veggies, fruit and herbs, as well as an array of pastries and breads, cheeses, free-range eggs, raw honey etc… They are not lying when they say that small towns have the best local restaurants, each of them specialising in making food from local ingredients.

The owners also know their patrons by name, so with the proper introduction and patronage, you are greeted when passing by for a morning coffee or an afternoon snack. This warm atmosphere adds to the hometown feel that attracts so many visitors to Riebeek.

Our diverse cuisines keep our locals very happy. The Valley’s culinary scene continues to thrive with a dynamic selection of restaurants available from sushi to farm-to-table, espetada and everything in between.

You can choose to book a picnic basket at the town’s deli, which will be packed and waiting for you to collect (filled with locally sourced goodies, such as charcuterie, cheeses, and pates) and settle in for a leisurely feast.

For the later part to your days adventure, prepare for a sunset picnic, a perfect end to a summer’s day in the Winelands – with a chilled glass of wine in hand, watching the golden glow of the sun as it disappears behind the Kasteelberg Mountain.

 Wine and Olives

We are renowned world-wide for our wine and olives, therefore I would urge you to book tastings at our most well-known vineyards, as this activity can be enjoyed alone or as part of a group. Here you can discover the taste of new blends produced by the connoisseurs of this region. We highly recommend pairing our wines and olives with a taste of the Swartland’s glorious culture, history and cuisine.

 The Classic High Tea

The gracious and historic Royal hotel in the Riebeek Valley is arguably one of the loveliest places to enjoy high tea –  thanks to its well-known veranda, it’s rather quite extraordinary! The Classic High Tea offers a wide assortment of delights such as fluffy scones, finger sandwiches, authentic French pastries and so much more…

Natural Trails

I have joined a hiking group which has grown to over fifty people, as the Riebeek Valley is located amongst the most beautiful natural landscapes that offer amazing views and trails to explore. Hiking is popular among all age groups who love the fresh air and exercise. There are members in our hiking group, who know the best kept secrets  as where to find unique flowers, scenic waterfalls and panoramic views. 


Then there are the vintage shops to explore, where you will find great deals on clothes and accessories. Our local second hand shops have a fun selection of clothes from local residents who change their styles often. It’s always worth checking out what they have available before purchasing elsewhere. It’s an awesome opportunity to buy things for less, allowing you to save more money for things that matter. You can always find something unique and fun at these stores!

There is also some amazing lifestyle shops that sell clothing, décor, ceramics, pet accessories, plants and farm-to-vase flowers for any taste or palette. On market days, there is an array of local stalls selling street foods, as well as the bubbly boutique, wine, beer and cocktails to quench that thirst just a minute’s walk away. With foot-tapping music and a colourful vibe, it’s a great enviroment to chill out, with plenty of space for the kids and dogs alike, to make new friends.

Accommodation in the Riebeek Valley caters to different budgets and expectations. You can choose from tent style accommodation, self-catering units, bed and breakfasts, or luxury guest lodges.

Join us…

The Riebeek Valley, it’s waiting for you to explore.