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Why a good host makes your stay memorable


Tips for a successful hosting routine

As the host, you need to be relaxed as this is key to to convey the impression of a calm and warmth environment that is inviting and welcoming to your guests. Nothing will make guests feel more tense than a host who looks frazzled and neurotic. Once your guests have arrived, abandon your phone. Try to avoid taking calls or sending messages. Making time for your guests and focusing solely on them is the easiest way of ensuring that they feel welcome.

When your guests book, and you serve for example a breakfast menu, check to see if they have any dietary requirements.

Good quality bedding is always essential for guests and always want them to feel as if they’re sinking into crisp, but soft sheets. A throw which is left at the end of the bed also adds texture and cosiness.

It is a must to leave windows open the night before in order to air out the space. What’s also  lovely and enjoyable to the guests is to light a beautiful smelling candle or diffuser. Scent is certainly our most evocative sense, so it’s worth paying attention to.

It’s always important to pay attention to those tiny details – Place that lavender in in a small vase; these don’t have to be expensive, a few single flowers from your very own garden will suffice.

There are those guests that enjoy being offered additional reading material about the area – Sure, your guests might want to just switch off the light and go to sleep, but filling a basket with a few books, maps,  magazine and a handbook about the area  is a nice token. This needs to be within easy reach of the bed. In the same basket, it’s nice to leave a spare charger.

Make sure all guests have the toiletries they require – this would be two towels either on the bed or on the bathroom rail, and check that bathrooms are fully prepped with shampoo, conditioner and body wash.

Advise the guests of the breakfast situation the night before, unless of course your guests are leaving early. It’s important to agree on a time for breakfast the night before, but it’s a good idea to leave a selection of cereal, tea and coffee for those who might be up earlier.

It’s always important to look at who your hosts are going to be at a Guest House, as a guest house is unique in that way. You come into contact with your hosts at close range.

The Julu Guest House Experience

In addition to our attention to detail, our guest house offers more personalised services, and a more homely feel than a typical guest house.

Yes, we are smaller, and gladly contemporary and minimalistic.

We feel that we are made for travellers seeking relaxation, since we provide more comfort and better service than your typical guest house, from the breakfast to our amenities and tours.

We ask you, our guest,  what time you want your breakfast served, rather than assigning a time.

We have partnered with local stakeholders for Joint ventures with walking tours and wine tastings, and we have organised our own exciting photographic touring route.

At Julu Guest House, we don’t mind the scrutiny of our guests, because we think that as a couple, not only do we look most forward to hosting you, but we have quite an interesting story.

When you arrive at 47 Kloof Street, we aim to be as attentive as possible. We try to engage with guests in a most meaningful way.

We have managed to tap into the German and American target market, and corporate careers were key to creating the unique and special experience that Julu Guest House offers.

Max says their aim is to offer each guest more than they would expect.

Escape The Ordinary

“Every guest must feel special and cared for. By the time the guest arrives, we have reached out for info about their preferences for their breakfast or dinner menu options.

We have created personalised welcome letters, found out about dietary requirements, and also advised clients about our exciting joint ventures in Riebeek Kasteel. There is also the value added initiatives which are outlined, which give the guest house the unique experience. 

The couple give their guests personalised departure letters as a thank you, and follow-up to find out if they’ve reached their next destination safely.

Stay With Us!

Host: Makhosazana De Wette Dludla

Host: David  Lazarus

He has been both fortunate and blessed to have established himself as a highly recognised and endorsed photographer and photographic trainer.

abroad as a destination photographer.

He provides photography and workshops to both local

and internationals from all backgrounds.

A guest once said of the Julu Guest House hosts

“You guys are interesting. Dave’s brain is a massive source of knowledge and entertainment and you have a legacy of your own knowledge and experience.