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Why Small Country Towns are so Attractive for visitors

The scenic beauty and the landscape of small country towns is often the main draw card. Visitors are often in search of nature and natural beauty, away from the hustle and bustle of a city. Waking up to the sound of a rooster in the morning is definitely a more pleasant way to start your day. Only when you are away in places that provide this surround, do you realize how much you need to unwind and recharge those batteries. We all need to stretch our legs and breath in the fresh air to destress and learn how to switch off and relax.

From my experience of small towns, the community is very friendly and provide a welcoming and belonging to their visitors. This applies to the country residents that are always willing to chat and answer your questions through to the businesses and the restaurants you frequent during your stay.

Country towns generate their income by sharing their outdoor activities within their landscape with their guests. I refer to things like horse riding, walk and mountain trails as well as cycling routes around and about the town. Most of these activities will also include interesting stories from the local guides or the businesses providing the experiences.

Evenings are normally quiet and wind down early after a day out doors. Sunset, a meal at one of the local eateries accompanied by a glass or tow of wine is the norm, not forget appreciating the silence and an outdoor stargazing experience in the clear night skies.

Another reason small towns are attractive is they are often the places that people reaching retirement age will be considering as a long-term relocation option. Small towns are also starting to consider this “community”. Most have actioned towards such amenities as health care and quality of living to accommodate their lifestyles.

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